Co-creation in arts, culture and heritage

Baltic Symposium

Period and lead partner

Jan - April 2019 with Open Air Museum (LT) as lead partner.


Aim and objectives

The aim is to provide state of the arts knowledge and viewpoints from researchers and key actors in the field.

The objectives are:

  • To present key positions (with theoretical references) on co-creative cooperation in the field of arts, culture and heritage.
  • To compile examples of good practise and innovative approaches of co-creative cooperation.
  • To clarify needs and key issues for further education / in-service training.


Key features of the event

The 2-day Nordic Symposium will take place in Rumšiškės at the Open-Air Museum of Lithuania, April 2019.

The project partners select and send per project country 4 participants (3 VIPS + project leader), in total 16.


Some of the participants will be researchers and experts that are invited to deliver talks on core issues and reviews of the project. A plenary session with round table debate as well as two ses-sions with parallel workshops on main issues will be part of the programme.


A guided tour at the Rumšiškės at the Open-Air Museum of Lithuania will help the participants to experience “good practice” of culture volunteering and co-creative cooperation.


Symposium Compendium on Good Practice

Articles, power-points and other presentation materials from the conference. will be used as draft material for the concluding Symposium Compendium that are planned to have the following disposition:

  1. Foreword on background and aims of the project and this Symposium Compendium, 1-2 pages.
  2. Key positions and theories of co-creative cooperation: 2 articles, 8 – 10 pages.
  3. Thematic examples of good practice and innovative approaches: 2 articles, 8 – 10 pages.
  4. Key competences for culture actors in co-creative cooperation and topics of new in-service courses: 2 articles, 8 – 10 pages.
  5. Perspectives and recommendations for high quality co-creative cooperation in the field, 1 article, 5 pages.


The text of the compendium will be approx. 35 standard pages, exclusive photos from exemplary activities in the partner associations or their network. The Comepndium will be in English and published as a PDF-edition for wide dissemination.



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