Co-creation in arts, culture and heritage

Summary of project concept


The concept of "co-creation" has the last years marked the political agenda of the municipalities, both in Denmark and other Western European and Nordic countries. Although the idea of "co-creation" builds on earlier experiences of collaborating and user involvement, it goes further by focusing on empowerment and the 'transformative potential' by appealing to active citizenship, democratic participation and community bonding.


The project aim is to compile good practice and innovative approaches and develop curricula and in-service training packages for culture actors engaged in co-creative cooperation between voluntary

culture associations, public culture institutions, and the culture departments of the municipalities.


1. Compile good practise and innovative approaches

1.1. Develop methodological guidelines for desk research, workshops and symposium

1.2. Desk research with Survey Summary Compendium

1.3. Local idea workshops with Summary Reports

1.4. A Nordic Symposium on innovative approaches and curricula in the field

2. Develop curricula and exemplary course packages for culture actors

2.1. Publish a Good practise Compendia (with reference to Symposium)

2.2. Provide Curricula Guidelines

2.3. Test a series of national pilot courses

2.4. Publish a Curricula Summary Report

3. Disseminate the project results

3.1. Provide a project portal, English ed.

3.2. Complete four national conferences (multiplier events)

3.3. Provide other sustainable dissemination (news-mail, social media, articles, promotion at events, personal meetings with decision-makers, etc)


We expect the project can help to promote a co-creative practice in the municipalities based on more equal terms, where citizens and other civil society actors are engaged not only as co-implementers, but also as co-initiators and co-designers of new welfare services, especially in the field of culture and leisure activities.

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