Curricula report

Curricula Report

The Curricula Reports, five language editions

Period and editor

The Report was produced in the period Oct 2019 – Feb 2020 with Interfolk (DK) as editor.

Aim and objectives

The aim was to present the tested curricula for in-service training courses of culture actors engaged in co-creative and cross-sector cooperation. The objectives are:

  • To clarify the key findings of the previous tests of the four pilot courses
  • To elaborate the core curricula for key competence of successful co-creative cooperation.
  • To outline exemplary course packages

Outline of the Curricula Report

The report can have the following disposition:

  1. Foreword on background and aims for the guidelines 
  2. Definitions and meanings of Curriculum 
  3. Guidelines for providing an adult education curricula 
  4. Key findings of desk research, workshops, Symposium and test of pilot courses 
  5. The standard curriculum 
  6. The Recommendations for course planning 
  7. Annexes: Present 2-3 ready-to-use formative in-service training packages