Good practice research

The Library as creator. Oppland, Norway

Cultural event in the courtyard of Vartov, Copenhagen

The Good Practice Report, English edition was published June 2019 

Period and lead partner

The local surveys in each partner country and the provision of the Good Practice Summary Report were concluded in June 2019. Interfolk was editor.

Aim & objectives

The aim was to provide inspiring knowledge and viewpoints on the subject of co-creation.

The objectives were:

  • To clarify the main challenges for a successful co-creative cooperation.
  • To present key theories and positions regarding good and appropriate forms of cross-sector cooperation.
  • To compile examples of good practise and innovative approaches.
  • To present recommendations for high quality co-creative cooperation.


The Survey can help the project team and key stakeholders and others with an interest for the topic to get an elaborated and more problem consciousness understanding of the possibilities and challenges for a successful co-creative cooperation, especially in the field of arts and culture.