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Fourth meeting in Leknes

Time and place

The fourth and final partner meeting in Leknes has due to the Covid19 pandemic been postponed to June 2021. Leknes is the main town of Vestvågøy Municipality in Lofoten, Norway.   

Expected participants

Bente von Schindel, MOF (DK)

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, IF (DK)

Trond Handberg, VM (NO),

Ilona Asare , Culturelab (LV)

Justas Rimavičius, OAM (LT).

Aim and objectives

The  aim of this fourth and last partner meeting is to summarize the state of the project and bridge the way forward after the funding period.

The objectives are:

  • To evaluate the multiplier events.
  • To summarize the key outcomes of the project.
  • To plan the final dissemination including the sustainability after the end of the project.

Agenda and minutes

  • The agenda of the fourth meeting can be seen here in June 2021
  • The minutes of the fourth meeting can be seen here in June 2021

Vestvågøy Municipality

is part of the traditional district of Lofoten. With over 11.400 inhabitants, Vestvågøy is the most populous municipality in all of the Lofoten and Vesterålen regions in Nordland county. Leknes is the main town of Vestvågøy municipality.

The Lofoten islands in the northern part of Norway are a remarkable sight - with their range of tall, steep mountains rising from the sea. Situated north of the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten islands have a rough and varied climate. In wintertime you can experience the tremendous nature forces in an intense storm, with violent waves and heavy blizzards. While in summertime you can walk along sandy beaches, enjoying the warm breeze and the beautiful light of the midnight sun.


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