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Vestvågøy Municipality

Vestvågøy is a municipality in Nordland county in Norway. It is part of the traditional district of Lofoten.

The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Leknes. With over 11,400 inhabitants, Vestvågøy is the most populous municipality in all of the Lofoten and Vesterålen regions in Nordland county.

The Lofoten islands in the northern part of Norway are a remarkable sight - with their range of tall, steep mountains rising from the sea. Situated north of the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten islands have a rough and varied climate. In wintertime you can experience the tremendous nature forces in an intense storm, with violent waves and heavy blizzards. While in summertime you can walk along sandy beaches, enjoying the warm breeze and the beautiful light of the midnight sun.

The magnificent and varied nature makes Vestvågøy and Lofoten an interesting holiday destination. You can challenge yourself with surfing, snowboarding and mountain climbing, or just relax and hang out on the beach or hike in the mountains. There's also a wide range of in-door activities, such as museums, art galleries and concerts.

All municipalities in Norway, including Vestvågøy, are responsible for primary education (through 10th grade), outpatient health services, senior citizen services, unemployment and other social services, zoning, economic development, and municipal roads. The municipality is governed by a municipal council of elected representatives, which in turn elect a mayor.

Capacity for the project

The department of Culture at Vestvågøy Municipality has expertise in managing culture and educational institutions and coordinating cooperation between the culture institutions and the voluntary arts and culture associations as well as competences in communication campaigns.

The key person involved will be Trond Handberg, working in the unit of culture, fifty-fifty as cultural project manager and as deputy headmaster of the culture school. Furthermore Richard Brattli, leader of the unit of culture will also be engaged in the project.

Vestvågøy Municipality, Unit of Culture

Storgata 37, 8370 Leknes, Lofoten,


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